By Halfway Crooks / Beats / 2nd August 2016

We recently managed to revive an iPod from my final year of school (2010) and wow did it have some gems on it.

It was a crazy time for music, we jolled to dubstep and a new mash up seemed to appear every week. Mac Miller was an underground artist and Deadmau5 ran the electronic scene.

It inspired us to create a throwback Thursday post where we’ll drop a few tracks that defined our teenage years. Some you’ll remember, some you might not have heard before. We’ll mix it up, gearing you up with a couple extra tracks for your Friday pre drinks, 4am Post Jols and Sunday night demons. Don’t be ashamed if some bring you to tears as you think of how unimpressed 18 year old you would be with your behaviour, we’re right there with you.

So here is the inaugural, weekly Throwback Thursday playlist (sorry about the name, we honestly did try come up with something better)

1.)Wonderback – OJAYSIS

We had to start with a mash-up, and why not the best one ever made. We’re still not sure who exactly made the mash-up, and never asked because come on, “OJAYSIS”.

It originates from 2008 when Noel Gallagher from Oasis said Jay-Z shouldn’t be at Glastonbury, Hove reacted by opening his set with one of his greatest lines ever in the song “Jockin”. It feels all the more relevant considering this is the year Rocking the Daisies finally gave us a Hip-Hop tent

2.) I Hate College (Remix) – Sam Adams

Asher Roth blew up with his first track, the original “I Love College” and had us all foaming at the mouth to get out of school and into any university that would take us. Then your boy Sammy Adams rolled in and gave it to us straight, with better flow.

“Single doesn’t mean I’m looking for somebody”

3.) I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) – Calvin Harris

As we said before, Deadmau5 was the king back then, and this track just never gets old.

4.) Kingston Town – Radikal Guru

Going through most of the dubstep tracks we used to dance like Neanderthals to, was actually a traumatic experience. Some of those songs are the soundtracks to my nightmares now. But Reggae and deep bass do seem to go together like Faf de Klerk and Elton Jantjies, and when Kingston Town comes on, I can’t stop my head from immediately initiating the slow motion head wobble. This one is a certified full volume, low riding, red robot banger.

5.) Brimful of Asher (Norman Cook Remix) – Cornershop

This is a throwback of a song that was a throwback then. Norman Cook is Fatboy Slim’s real name. He remixed Corneshop’s original song in 1998 and it went to the top of the UK Charts and did well all over the world. We have no idea why Fatboy Slim remixed it under his real name or why its impossible not to imagine yourself flying down the highway with your best mates when this song plays. And to be honest we don’t care. Don’t ask too many questions. Sit back and enjoy.

“Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow”

6.) Black & Blue (Netsky Remix) – Miike Snow

Netsky was and always will be the master. Miike Snow’s hauntingly beautiful voice just clicks with the drum and bass and takes you on a journey you’ll struggle to come back from. 

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