The Force Is With You

By Archie / Kicks | Lids / 21st February 2017

Drop dead gorgeous, I mean some would even go so far to say flawless. No matter how you look at these beauts, their curves seem to quicken the heart beat. Gentlemen hold onto your lady cause once she straps herself with a pair of the Nike WMNS Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid’s she might up and slide on out the door.

“The mid-cut silhouette sports a colorway that’s suited for standing out this season.”

Ladies “standing out” would be an understatement if you had a pair of these on your feet. The only way we could put into words the impression that these kicks would leave, would be to imagine yourself riding a zebra with a Persian rug on its back while wearing a morph suit, down the N1 in 5 o’clock traffic. It’s just a sight that never leaves you!

Personally if we had to check an aunty crushing pavement in a pair of these, we’d probably up and melt! Listen it gets worse, Nike did it big and decided to make your decision a bit harder by releasing the WMNS Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid’s in a variation of colours. Bringing them to you in firstly;

Nike WMNS Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid – Vachetta Tan

Nike WMNS Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid – Light Bone

Lucky for you the members at Shelflife have got the hook up to strap yourself with either the Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid Vachetta Tan or Light Bone!

Kicks this fresh should definitely not touch the streets with out the adequate protection – You can’t be looking fly as hell if the kicks aren’t crisp! Touch up that sneaker protection supplied to you by none other than the champs at SneakerLab.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks


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