The Gorillaz are Setting Up to Win 2017

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 25th April 2017

The Gorillaz dropped ‘The Apprentice’ yesterday featuring; Rag‘n’Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK, as they continue to roll out their carefully crafted plan of re-entering the game.


Along with the tracks they’ve already teased from the upcoming album: Humanz, they’ve also announced an App that runs off the same tech as Pokemon Go. The App will have Gorillaz characters running around a crazy animated world, much the same way as that Charizard you could never catch while you were secretly obsessed with the Pokemon for about 2 weeks – except this time it’s in a magical, Gorillaz inspired dreamworld. You can even go into VR mode if you’ve got the goggles.


The App will also be used to set up “listening parties” in advance of the official drop. Pretty sick stuff from The Gorillaz team.

They also announced plans for a TV series which promises to be wild, if the music video for “Saturn Barz” is anything to go by.


Gorillaz are coming in hot.


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