The Most Assists – Gemini Major

By Archie / Beats / 16th March 2017

Gemini Major has been praised as the most in demand producer and collaborator right now, and who can argue it. Everything this champ touches turns to gold. Producing for the likes of Cassper (Skelm, Fever), Riky Rick (Sidlukotini) and Nasty C (Pressure), as well as coming in with monster alley-oops (watch side bar for understanding) in his collaborations – he’s just setting up who ever he teams up with for a smash hit, and all the guy gets is a feature!

But lets not forget the genius that was Gemini Major with his track – Ragga Ragga, which is currently sitting way over a million views on youtube. You just have to admit that he is the full package, bringing so much to the table in every aspect of the industry.

Max respect for the man for realizing his potential and stepping out on his own. Now starting his own label Rudebouy Major in partnership with Fresh 2 Def which is owned by Da Les – Who owes the guy so much for the hook up on the hit tracks Lifestyle and So High that Gemini featured on.

For more proof on what Gemini offers in his collaborations; get a taste of the recently dropped music videos for tracks All The Time – Reason, and So High – Da Les.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks


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