The New Kahn Land Rover Defender Will Ruin Your Life

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 29th January 2017

If you own a car, and you like it, you should leave this page right now. What you’re about to see will change the way you look at any car, ever again.

You might need Jay and Future to get you through this.

The latest edition of The Kahn Land Rover Defender Double Cab is a work of art that deserved to have been sculpted from Italian Marble.

The Volcanic Rock Satin paint job, combined with the dark red leather seats and satin black roof give it that classic, slick Land Rover interior. In addition to the wider track, the SUV also has a two inch lift on the suspension. Powered by a 2.2 TDCI, 122 hp diesel paired with a manual transmission – this car will drive over mountains, turning every zebra’s head on the way past.

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