The NFL’s Future King

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 19th December 2016

Leonard Fournette is a running back who plays at LSU, and has been breaking records left right and center since he was a young blood at high school. He’s been compared to players like Herschel Walker and, in terms of dominance over their sport, a young Lebron James.

On the 5th of December Fournette made himself eligible for the 2017 NFL draft. He’s been widely touted as next year’s first round draft pick. Watch him make defenders look like kids and you’ll understand why.

Jay Jones and Hollygrove Keem have also made a track called Go For It based on Fournette. The kid’s still at university and he’s already got rap songs made after him, that kind of honour used to be reserved for guys like Kobe Bryant and Lebron

Running backs are pretty much interchangeable to pro football sides, and therefore rarely get picked in the first round of the draft, but your boy Fournette is still unanimously viewed as a first round pick by every mock draft out there.

So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports has stepped up and got their hands on him. It’s pretty baller let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Jigga Man’s agency to run your life. Fournette joins names like Kevin Durant and Dez Bryant at Roc Nation, and the move should see him only increasing his rising star status.

We’re looking forward to see what happens come draft day


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