The Only 420 Playlist You Need

By Billy The Kid / Beats / 20th April 2017

One thing we can guarantee about today, is that your newsfeed will be filled with clownish 420 gimmicks from every site trying to jump on the bandwagon. Playlists filled with Bob Marley crafted by old men in boardrooms trying too hard to “stay hip and relevant to the kids these days”. (Bob is the king nobody is disputing that, we’re just trying to prove a point here).

What you have in front of you is the only playlist you need if you manage to find a couple hours to get hazy on this notorious 20th day of April. No gimmicks, no reggae – just some honey smooth bars to massage your curious mind. THESE ARE SOME OF THE BEST SONGS TO “CHILL” TO.

We obviously only know this because our friends told us, but we take their word for it, and you should to.

*Note* Soundcloud has crashed again (classic), so we created this playlist in Youtube. Click the menu in the top left corner of the video for the rest of the tracks.

Enjoy yourselves out there.

The Halfway Crooks

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