The Week Of Sin

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 24th December 2016

Ladies and Gents the time is almost upon us. The light at the end of the tunnel. The holiday that kept you going through all the hell 2016 put you through.

Boxing Day – AKA the beginning of the best week of the year.

In our eyes, there is no better place to be on earth than the South African coast during the week leading up to New Years Eve. The party doesn’t stop, hangovers don’t exist (see previous statement for the reason) and all the beautiful people in the country seem to be squashed into a 200km radius.

26th Dec – 2nd Jan:
Billy’s Beach in St Francis and Kenton.
26th & 28th Dec:
We Love Summer in Plett.
28th & 29th Dec:
Ox Braai and the Kenton Big Float.
26th Dec
The London Roots Party in East London.

If that line-up doesn’t make you jump out of your chair and start smashing your head through plate glass windows, then you simply have no pulse. Seriously check yourself into a hospital because you’re technically dead if that doesn’t have your head spinning. Spring break in Vegas with Charlie Sheen doesn’t have shit on the Week of Sin. That’s just facts only.

The Crooks will have representatives all over the coast to document to the tomfoolery and just generally get in your face, so come say hi if you’re keen to get that ugly mug in the after movie or talk some low quality, barely-humorous bullshit.

If you’ve emailed us your demo seven times and we haven’t replied (you know who you are) please don’t come bring it up, it’s holidays man.

In the mean time we’ve strapped you up with a power playlist to keep you coasting through those roadtrips and pre-drinks.

It’s pretty much the soundtrack to Party and Bullshit.

See you all on the battlefield.


The Halfway Crooks.

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