Throwback Thursday: Sneaker Grails

By Billy The Kid / Kicks | Lids / 23rd March 2017

This week’s edition of Throwback Thursday is dedicated to a pair of kicks that are rarer than a calm day in Parliament: The Nike Yeezy 2 “Net” Custom.

We’re bringing you one of our ultimate sneaker grails. Customized by Maggi in 2014, these kicks caused major hype but never saw the light of day as an official release. This is most probably because shortly after this, Adidas managed to poach Kanye West in one of their most profitable hits on Nike to date. The Yeezy franchise has turned Adidas into the first real competitor to Air Jordan in the sneaker hunger games. This also means that you can count on one hand how many of these shoes are in existence.

In a nutshell if you ever see these bad boys in real life, it might be The Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot that’s rocking them.

The quest for the grail continues. Let us know your Sneaker Grails in the comments and we’ll add them to the hunt list.


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