Thuggin The Daisies [Festival Review]

By Gustavo / Bottom Posts / 11th October 2016

The addition of an exclusive hip-hop stage at Daisies was met with mixed reviews in the lead up to the festival. We, along with anyone that has a head on their shoulders, could barely contain ourselves. on the flip side some people were genuinely a bit touched about it. It’s a bit confusing to us. Look, we’re not the biggest fans of silent discos; but at no point were we bleak that there was one at Daisies. The best part about Rocking the Daisies is that anybody can listen to whatever music tickles their fancy. We marked the negative attitude down to a general fear of change and left it that. In our opinion, the result of the stage was a revelation: A beast was born, which we can only see mutating into a bigger and better mellifluent monster at future festivals. #ThugFriday.

Twos Up switched on at 2 o clock; we literally felt the ground shake as the festival began to storm to the thug beats of 50 cent. DJ Phil kept it gangster and seemlessly mixed a set filled with old school classics. The stage was perfectly positioned between the traditional crowd pullers; the Electro Dome and Beach Bar, and was always pumping.

Almost every person making the commute between could not help themselves; the temptation to stop and get stuck in with the masses losing their minds at the Pop Bottles stage was a force not to be reckoned with. Beat Sampras spun a unique electro hip-hop set; before Major League came on at 18:00 and moved us up to 6th gear. DJ Dimples and Switch maintained the power leading up to what was to be one of the highlights of the weekend… Nasty motherfucking C.

The proverbial young blood of SA’s hip-hop game mirrored what he’s been doing to the scene and applied it to #ThugFriday. His raw style and powerful raps have kept everyone on their toes; He constantly pushes the big dogs to produce quality verses and not just good hooks. His stage presence was unbelievable and at one point he was just showing off out there: he cut the music and went deep into a 2 minute freestyle before dropping the hammer on the Juice Back. The crowd went berserk. Youngsta then followed up with more of the same powerful lyricism that we’ve come to expect from him. It took a lot for us to leave before Ready D and Emtee to head to Main Stage, but we couldn’t miss our boy AKA.

#ThugFriday continued in style at the main stage; and RTD couldn’t have chosen 2 better artists to headline it.

AKA had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Mac Miller running out in his Springbok jacket was way more than the Bokke deserved, but such a baller move on his behalf. His show was everything that we expected and we found ourselves nothing short of honoured that it happened in our lifetime.  DANG!

PH Phat and VJ Vybez took it late-night style as we mobbed out for the last 4 hours at the Pop Bottles stage. The hours can only be summarised in our memory as flashing lights, heavy bass and twos up. See a perfect example from Nasty C below.

Saturday brought as much heat as the hip-hop stage had cemented it’s place in the hearts of the haters. We’ve been struggling to put into words the feeling that was encapsulated by most of Saturday at the Pop Bottles stage. It was most hopeful we’ve felt about our country in a while. There’s a flaming image in our minds of looking around at the most integrated crowd we’ve ever seen at RTD. The youth of this country, represented in every shape and form, bouncing and embracing each other in the sunshine. The energy in the crowd was tangible and for the first time in my 24 years of existence I could see and feel this “Rainbow Nation” that has been spoken about and promised; but never fully delivered. It was hard to process, as the feeling was juxtaposed by the fact that the youth of this country are fighting for the right to their education.

But that’s the thing about music, it brings people together and has long been an effective platform for protest. Protesting and music in this country literally go hand in hand; and as I had this thought I saw a #feesmustfall banner floating above the crowd. It hit home how important what was happening here really was; This was not just a stage and this was not just a crowd; this is the future that we can have if we all pull our weight. The cold South Easter that pumped the whole weekend, was a fitting metaphor for the winds of change.

To think back, as festival that pushes local, it is actually criminal not having a hip-hop tent at Rocking the Daisies pre-2016. The SA hip-hop industry has blown every other genre out of the water in this country, particularly in the last couple years. At around 23:00, much of the crowd dragged their bouncing feet down towards the Main Stage. Nobody really wanted to go, but seeing as though Foster the People were the main act, we thought we might as well go see what all the fuss was about.FTP strolled onto stage and seemed almost arrogant, without the manners to even greet the Cape Town crowd. We gave a them a good 20 minutes to change our mind, but then turned with scores of people to head back to Twos Up and catch the rest of Wolf Pack and Da L.E.S, The fact that we wouldn’t tolerate an dry intro from the headline act of the festival, was testament to how green the pastures that we had just left actually were.

Da L.E.S and Wolf Pack both killed it. Turning our back on the main act was the best decision of Daisies; The fact that the North God himself was blowing the headline act out of the water was the cherry on top.

Local music won.

This was the year we witnessed a Daisies like never before, and it was glorious. To all those clowns out there who were disputing the hip-hop stage via the argument; “it’s called ROCKING the Daisies for a reason”… we’ll see you at Thuggin the Daisies next year.

Before we finish this, we want to offer our sincerest condolences to family and friends of the young man who lost his life at the dam this year. We cannot imagine the horror of what those close to him are going through now. We wish you strength, peace and future happiness.


The Halfway Crooks

Image Credit: Instagram

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