Top Dogs Leave Ambitiouz

By Billy The Kid / Word on the Street / 18th February 2017

Three of Ambitious Entertainment’s biggest artists, namely Fifi Cooper, A Reece, and B3nchmarq have announced their departure from the record label.

We’re excited for all of them, with Chance The Rapper as living proof that you don’t need a label to make it in the modern music industry, we couldn’t be happier that our local powerhouses are starting to take matters into their own hands. The end result is artists having the ability to control their own creative decisions, whilst pocketing the cash they put in so much grind for.

A-Reece has since been providing us with more info on the situation, via his Twitter account.

With statements such as:

“AKA is so right”

Which refers to AKA’s tweet a while back saying “Labels acting like Suge Knight


“nominated for two Metro Awards for the first time ever in my life.This game’s shady man this might be my last time too. BUT I GOT Y’ALL”

Insinuating what we’ve long suspected – The record labels are controlling the awards ceremonies in this country (we’re not taking anything away from any winners, but let’s be honest, Youngsta‘s severe lack of nominations is criminal)

Fifi Cooper has also since announced she’ll be starting her own label – MoCooper Records

“I have been rapping for more than 11 years, I have enough experience to run my own s%&*?”

Ambitious has still failed to comment on the situation, and are probably real busy trying to plug the leaking holes in their ship.

We wish all the artists taking matters into their own hands the best of luck, as we eagerly await their new music – made how they want to make it.


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