Under Armour vs Nike [Curry vs LeBron]

By Archie / Sports / 26th October 2016

Yes man! Members, the rivalry between LeBron and Curry for top position on the podium has now taken to their sponsors. With Under Armour releasing a commercial yesterday starring athlete Steph Curry sporting the new Curry 3 –  Nike have now responded with a fresh new commercial starring none other than, the beast himself, LeBron James!

Since the NBA play-offs last year; where LeBron lead the Cavaliers to what was deemed to be an impossible comeback to take the title from a 3-1 deficit to Curry’s Golden State Warriors – there has been large amount of talk over who is the best in game! With the 2016 – 2107 season upon us the Crooks are eager to see what each man and their troops bring to the table.

But let us put the thoughts of the new season aside for a second, and focus on these two commercials! Competition between these two sponsors brings so much more to the game, always pushing each other to be one step ahead. Have a look at the clips below and you decide who did it better!

Come out of Nowhere – Nike!

Make That Old – Under Armour 

Now obviously we had to throw in a short highlights package of the buggers out on the court. Just in case members out there didn’t know what these two greats were capable of – Treat yourself to some footage of these champs doing what they do best – Get Buckets!

Finally just to get you stoked for the new season we thought we give you the highlights package of Game 7 (the decider) of last years NBA Playoffs where leBron and his men snatched the W to claim eternal glory and bring the cup back to Cleveland.

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