Who Killed Christopher Wallace

By Billy The Kid / Bottom Posts / 9th March 2017

“Fuck these guys, Lets get out of here,” Christopher mumbled to Puff. He had cancelled a flight to Europe for this, in an attempt to make peace with the people of The West Coast; but when he got on stage at The Soul Train Awards and warmly shouted, “What’s Up Cali!” he was booed by the audience. six months since Pac had been shot and all fingers were still pointed at him.

Pac and Biggie had been through a rough couple of months leading up to the shooting in September, but before that their friendship had been real, and as hard as it was to admit, Biggie probably wouldn’t have been where we was today without the growth that his music received during their time as a power crew.  There was nothing that could be done about it now though. It was 1am and the after-party was getting stale. P Diddy got into one car with his bodyguard; Eugene, and Biggie followed behind in a car with D-Roc, Lil’ Cease and G-Money.

Diddy just made the light before it turned from orange to red, but Biggie and the other guys had to wait. Fairfax Avenue was relatively quiet for this time of night.

A black Chevy Impala pulled up. It was difficult to see in the darkness, but it looked like a man in a bow-tie sat in the passenger seat

The sounds of the city went silent as thunder pierced the air.

Four 9 millimetre bullets crashed into Biggie’s chest.

Tyres screeched as the assassin sped off into the night, Leaving the rest of the B-Boy Records crew to deal with the tragedy in front of them.

four shots fired, not one other person hit.

Christopher George Latore Wallace was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.


Lieutenant Robleto came in earlier than usual on Monday the 10th of March. He was exhausted from the night before, but he was well aware of the situation that lay before him. Celebrity homicides always went down the same way. at 8am sharp two arrogant detectives would stroll into the precinct, with puffed chests and tell you they were taking over the case. They would ask for all the details and case files, itching for there to be a mistake or something missing – a reason for them to throw their weight around a bit. He had watched them get a kick out of it too many times, so by the 7:30 Robleto had everything prepped and ready for whoever walked through that door. But when the clock struck 8 nobody arrived. By 9:30 everyone had settled into their usual routine. less than 12 hours ago one of the world’s most notorious rappers had been shot, yet it was business as usual. 30 years in the force and he had never seen a celebrity murder case that wasn’t taken over right out the gate.

The case was ignored until the decorated detective Russell Poole arrived a month later for the evidence. He had been led to the case by an investigation into the shooting of officer Kevin Gaines, the evidence pointed to corrupt policemen and had strong links to the Biggie and Tupac murders. Robleto handed over the evidence and was left wondering why it took another case to bring the murder of Christopher Wallace into the consciousness of the LAPD.


Russell Poole was born into a cop family. His father had been a stalwart at the force his whole life, and Russell had dreamt of following in his father’s footsteps from a young age. As a detective his record was exemplary, with 135 murder cases under his belt. His integrity as a detective was unquestionable, but his latest case was starting show serious evidence of rot in the Californian Police Force.

The evidence brought him to police involvement in the death of Christopher Wallace a month earlier, including links to the notorious owner of Death Row Records – Suge Knight. You didn’t have to look too hard for motive from Suge Knight, he was already the man the streets were blaming. Word was that it was a revenge killing for the Tupac incident in September ’96

The evidence seemed pretty comprehensive. It started with David Mack; a policeman who grew up in Compton with Suge, and supposedly still attended numerous events at the Knight household. It was pretty obvious that Mack, along with a number of other officers, were on Suge Knight’s payroll. More evidence was needed to make it stick, but Russell Poole’s razor sharp detective’s intuition had never been wrong before. David Mack was at the same party the night Biggie got shot, and he owned a black Impala – yet to be tested for any forensics. One of Mack’s known associates was an ‘alleged’ hitman: Amir Muhammad. They attended college together and still met frequently.

Poole started digging, and interviewed P Diddy’s bodyguard Eugene Deal for his version of that fateful night’s events. Shockingly, this was the first time Eugene had been asked anything about it.

“I saw a shady character in a suit and bow-tie lurking around Puff when we were outside waiting for the cars,” Deal recounted, “Real slimy looking guy, so I kept my eye on him. He eventually walked off to the North as we left”.

A suspicious character that walked off in the direction of the crime scene; Poole was left baffled as to why this hadn’t been followed up yet and organised a line-up that included Amir Muhammad. It took Eugene Deal around 30 seconds to identify Muhammad as the man from that night. This was huge, he had to take this to top.

He gathered his findings and got in touch with The Chief of Police; Bernard Parks. “Chief I’ve got some heavy stuff here. Bribery, collusion and a hell of a lot of blood on police hands,” Poole said over the phone, “Better come in then” Parks responded darkly. Behind the closed doors of the Chief of Police’s office, Russell Poole was told to drop the case and cease any and all investigation into officer David Mack. He left that office in a darker place than he had ever been before, and went home to write his resignation letter. A long and illustrious career in the force – cut short by searching for the truth.

RIP Biggie. Gone To Soon.


In the years subsequent to this murder that reads like a crime thriller, more evidence has come to light. in 2011 the FBI released the files on their investigation, although limited, the evidence did produce one major finding:

The bullets that plunged into Biggie’s chest were military grade “Gecko 9mm armour piercing” bullets. Ammunition so rare that you could only buy it at two places in the whole country. Ammunition that was found in David Mack’s home.

The story above was written based on the Russel Poole theory of the murder, and although creative licence has been used, the characters are real, and it is based on cold hard facts.

We’re not about all these conspiracy theories here at Halfway Crooks, but there are 2 that we believe:

Suge Knight killed Biggie.

Tupac is alive and sipping mimosas on a Cuban beach right now.


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