Why You Should Know – Ezzy

By Archie / Beats / 16th March 2017

Ezzy, a name that in our opinion needs to be receiving more attention. Why, you may ask – well simply put this kid is the sh*t. Now before we start preaching over how great he is and all the heat the kid is dropping. Get a taste of his track – Goodbye.

“Searching for inspiration where there aint none, and tryna be a hero where there aint one.”

Ha ha, ya that’s exactly what our fist impression was when we listened to the track – GoodbyeA smooth tune with a beat that instantly brings a smile to the face, and puts the bounce back in your step. But with a groove like this, one almost seems to over look the lyrical genius that this young’n showcases. Do yourself a favour and have a look at the clip below where Ezzy came out and killed his freestyle on Sway In The Morning. 

Now we could go on singing this kids praises and trying to convince you on his groove, but we aint got time for that. If you can’t get on Ezzy’s flow then we feel for you. But for the rest of ya’ll, you can be sure we’ll be on the look out to pick up on all the flavor this kid drops – bringing it straight back to you. But for now enjoy Ezzy on his track – Never Been Told ft. Machine Gun Kelly.

Yours Sincerely,

Halfway Crooks.

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